The home page can tell a visitor to your website everything there is to know about what you are offering immediately. It is normally the place where they will form the opinion as to whether or not you can be trusted and whether or not the content on your site is worth investigating further. To say that the home page is the most important part of your website is truly an understatement. Getting the perfect home page can be a daunting and sometimes confusing task but if you take the time to learn what you are doing first and how you need to do it then it won’t be as difficult.

Most of the time you think it is creative with your homepage as you want to and as your skills will allow you too, unless you are hiring a graphic artist to help you. The most important thing about a home page is that it needs to match the content of your site. A lot of people can get carried away when creating their site and they don’t realize that they are adding a lot of things that don’t need to be there.

We all want are home page to look as fabulous as it can and this is truly possible as long as we don’t go overboard with what we put on it. If your website is about politics, then it may not be a good idea to have something concerning a theme park on your home page; even if it is your favorite theme park in the world.

It is also important for any type of content that you put on your site and provide links to on your home page line up with the title of your site and the home page itself. This is another area that can veer off in another direction if we are not careful. It is perfectly OK to have your site discuss a couple different options or ideas but usually if there are any more than that we tend to lose visitors because things can get very confusing, very quickly.

As long as the homepage lines up with your content and vice versa, then you shouldn’t have any problems at all. In fact, those who can do this very well wind up finding a tremendous amount of success and a website that is constantly busy with return in visitors and new ones as well.

There is so much competition in the world today for any business whether or not it is online or a brick and mortar facility. Although the economy seems to be a downer these days, more and more people are going online to build our web sites and to see if they can create a living for themselves and their families. Of course, there is a lot that people will need to know before they get started and quite possibly the most important thing they will need to know when it comes to design is the fact that they need to pay careful attention to their home page.

When you think about your home page it should be thought of as the first impression that customers will have of your site into business. First impressions really do mean a lot and because the competition is so stiff out there, it is imperative that a first impression be a good one. Statistics show that you will have about 7 to 10 seconds to hook a customer and to keep them interested in your website. You want them to continue through to the other pages that you have so it is important that the home page be both inviting an easy to navigate.

Depending upon what your site is about, you will need to keep the ads at a minimum on your home page. Pop tops and big ads not only local professional, but they tend to drive customers away and these are the customers who came to your site to see what you have to offer, not necessarily what someone else does. This does not mean the advertising is not important because it most definitely is, but the ad should be the correct size and placed in the proper manner sure that your information is getting the most attention.

Your homepage should properly disclose what your entire site is about. There should be some content on there about your product and some promotions of any special deals that you have going on at the time. You also want to creatively communicate to your visitors the reason why they should continue on to click other links on your site. Cool graphics and a readable font can help convey this message fairly efficiently. Above all, keep your home page inviting, somewhat simple, and focus solely on what you are offering them.

Many people in the world today do not wish to utilize things that are available to them that would make their lives easier merely because of convenience. It is the same thing with building websites in that people have the choice as to whether not they will use a website builder or they can choose build one completely from scratch on their own.

Should you be one of these people is important that you understand HTML and CSS. Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is not as difficult as what people may think but it does take some time to learn. It is best that you learn this completely even if it takes you several days. There are many web sites available that will teach people how to do HTML coding for free. Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is also very easy and can be learned on online as well. Even though many people who start out trying to learn CSS feel it is hard, it is actually quite easy.

Anyone who is building their own web site should also add some web hosting knowledge to their skill set as well as JavaScript and web graphics. Of course the more advanced you want your website, the more you will need two to learn other scripting languages, databases, and maybe even SQL.

It is a myth that you need to be a good web designer in order to be a good web developer. As you go along the process of creating your own web site you will find that many will purchase professionally made templates that will allow them to still have control over the source codes. Many web developers will also hire graphic designers if they wanted to design the look and feel of their site from scratch.


A few methods to advertise your website

May 19th, 2012 / / categories: How to /

It seems that many people spend a great amount of time developing their website and are very happy when it resembles the perfection that they were going for when the idea first popped into their mind. However just because a website is up and running online, looks great, and can really drive sales or visitors, it won’t do you much good unless you actually seeing some traffic.

Having good quality content on your website is probably the best way to get traffic. Of course, there are those who believe that search engine optimization (SEO) will really get the word out about your site. Although this is most definitely true, web site owners need to be careful that they are not duplicating content or utilizing keywords too much in an attempt to get the highest placements on the search engines. Too much optimization can lead to a disastrous situation for your website.

There are other ways to get the word out as well. Facebook and other social media sites are great place to place links and to drive traffic back to your site. But it is not only links on the sites that can drive traffic it is the content that you place on the web site itself. By taking some of that content and putting it on social media or through an RSS feed, you have the opportunity to see even more traffic than you could have ever dreamed of.

Fan pages and blogs can also drive people to your site as well. We also cannot forget the ever important word of mouth. If people view your web site as somewhere that they like to do business at then they will most likely suggest you to others as well. If they don’t, then the opposite will happen. Giving visitors something positive to talk about while they’re at your site will make them talk to others.

There also many ways to obtain paid advertising for your site also, and you can solicit visitors while you are out in about by handing out business cards and other media that has your web site name on it. During the course of your website ownership, you will find that promoting and getting traffic to the site will take up just as much time as the creation of the site itself.